Painting Locations and Destinations – Super Mario Odyssey Guide


Painting Locations and Destinations – Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Mar 21, 2022 Uncategorized by admin

Painting Locations and Destinations – Super Mario Odyssey Guide

In many of the Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, you can find a secret Warp Painting that will take you to another

Super Mario Odyssey | Warp Painting Locations

Warp Location breakdowns listed below.

This video was created using footage from the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey. In this video I will show you the start point and paths that lead toward all 10 Painting Warp locations that lead towards a new Kingdom and a hidden moon.

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Seaside Kingdom 0:15
Bowser’s Kingdom 0:45
Cascade Kingdom 1:06
Lake Kingdom 1:37
Metro Kingdom 1:56
Sand Kingdom 2:16
Mushroom Kingdom 2:42
Luncheon Kingdom 3:02
Snow Kingdom 3:25
Wooded Kingdom 4:07

Super Mario Odyssey – All Hint Art Locations & Solutions

This video shows how to find and solve all the Hint Art puzzles in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. This also includes the last 10 Hint Arts that can be found in the Dark Side.

Super Mario Odyssey – All Painting Locations

In the world of Super Mario Odyssey there are 10 secret paintings to find that will warp you to hidden areas of the game and award you with a Power Moon. Here’s a quick guide to all the painting locations in all the kingdoms.

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