Payday Loan Interest Rate for Bank Loan 2018


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  • Loan interest rate of Lien Viet Bank 2018
  • Benefits when borrowing unsecured loans at Lien Viet Bank
  • Conditions for obtaining loans for Lien Viet Bank
  • Documents, procedures for borrowing trust of Lien Viet Bank

The interest rate of Lien Viet mortgage loan is only 7.2% per year which is extremely attractive to customers.

Dụng Use the mortgage loan comparison tool of current banks to choose the bank that has the best mortgage interest rate for your loan.

Loan interest rate of Lien Viet Bank 2018

Loan interest rate of Lien Viet Bank 2018

Loan interest rate loan table corresponding to products at Lien Viet Bank today:

Benefits when borrowing unsecured loans at Lien Viet Bank


Credit for Lien Viet Bank, customers will enjoy benefits such as:

  • No collateral needed:
  • Competitive and stable interest rate;
  • Loan term is up to 5 years;
  • Loan limit up to 1 billion;
  • Simple loan procedures, quick file resolution.


Conditions for obtaining loans for Lien Viet Bank

Conditions for obtaining loans for Lien Viet Bank

Lien Viet Bank offers unsecured loans to customers who meet the following conditions:

  • Vietnamese citizens, having full legal capacity and civil act capacity according to the provisions of law;
  • Not belong to subjects not allowed to lend and restrict lending in accordance with the Law and Lien Viet Post Bank;
  • Some other conditions of the Bank.

Documents, procedures for borrowing trust of Lien Viet Bank


Some documents and procedures necessary when borrowing unsecured loans at Lien Viet Bank:

  • Loan request form;
  • Identity card / Passport or equivalent legal documents of the Customer and the co-responsible person (if any);
  • Household registration book or temporary residence book is still valid;
  • Documents to prove the financial capability and source of debt repayment of the Customer and the co-responsible person (if any);
  • Insurance contract (if any);
  • Document proving the purpose of using capital.

Customers wishing to borrow unsecured loans can go to any branches and transaction offices of Lien Viet Bank across 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

Notice the trading hours of Lien Viet Bank:

  • From 8:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday weekly (Except holidays, Lunar New Year);
  • From 8:00 to 12:00 every Saturday (Except holidays, Lunar New Year).

Thus, with the interest rate of unsecured loans only from 7.2% per year, the products of unsecured mortgage loans, the long working time is the outstanding advantages of Lien Viet Bank today.

In other words, Lien Viet Bank is one of the banks that deserves your most trustworthy loan option today.



Ongoing Individual Microcredit for Entrepreneurs (Formal or Informal)



Avante offers financial solutions to the Brazilian microentrepreneur


Forward Microcredit – Provide microcredit for small entrepreneurs : this is Avante’s mission. Building a personalized and respectful relationship with clients, the company has been standing out among the microcredit concession platforms in Brazil. If your dream is to enable, expand or restructure a business, be sure to read the information carefully.

Currently operating in more than 100 cities in 3 Northeastern states (Pernambuco, Maranhão and Ceará), Avante offers microcredit from R $ 400.00 to R $ 14,200.00 for all entrepreneurs who already have a business for at least one year. It is not necessary to have CNPJ, bank account or guarantor, which makes the process of obtaining credit much easier and possible. In other words, it works as a loan for entrepreneurs , but much more practical and easy to achieve.

Microcredit platforms and companies are gaining more and more space in our country due to the high interest rates and bureaucracy of the banks. With well thought out solutions, it is much easier to get money to invest in your business. Helping to change the reality of many Brazilian families, the company operates within states, peripheries, communities and rural areas, expanding the growth possibilities of those who need it most.


Know about Microcredit


Know about Microcredit


Avante is really a different company because it believes in the concept of humanizing any business, working on three important pillars: people, purpose and performance.

1 – People: Through the first pillar, seeks to maintain the constant motivation of its team, conducting surveys constantly to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of its employees.
2 – Purpose: Through the second pillar, more than 24 thousand entrepreneurs have already been transformed
3 – Performance: Finally, through the third pillar, the company works with all the forces to make small businesses financially viable throughout the country.

And of course, all of this has a direct impact on the life of the microentrepreneur who asks for a microcredit : interest rates are much lower than those charged by banks, bureaucracy is much smaller, credit application approval time is reduced, contact with the agents is closer and thus the results are more satisfactory in all respects.


How does Avante Microcredit work?


Know about Microcredit


The process of evaluating microcredit is fast and uncomplicated. Here’s how it works in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 – The microentrepreneur contacts Avante as preferred, and can be by SMS, WhatsApp or telephone.

Step 2 – Next, the microentrepreneur must wait for the contact of one of Avante’s agents. He will schedule a visit to get to know your business more closely, asking a series of important questions, listening to your ideas and plans, and clarifying all your questions.

Step 3 – After evaluating your business and your ideas, the agent will do a credit simulation and discuss the proposal with you. If you agree, your credit application is formalized!

Step 4 – The last step is credit analysis. If it is approved, an agent will personally come to you, carrying a contract for you to sign and also the tickets that you will have to pay in the following months. Immediately, the credit will be released to your account and you can start using the money to run your business.


Microcredit interest rates

Avante does not disclose on its website the interest rates applied on the credits granted, but it is known that they are lower than the banks. Once you get the loan, it is enough that the microentrepreneur keeps an eye on the organization of their accounts so as not to lose sight of the due date of their tickets.


Does Avante Microcredit really work?

Does Avante Microcredit really work?

Yes it works!

Many are the success stories of microentrepreneurs who have applied for individual credit and have thus changed the course of their lives and their business.

On the company’s website, more specifically on the stories page, you can check out many success stories like Raimundo Silva, owner of a butcher’s shop in Pacajus, Ceará, who lost a lot of money before getting to know Avante and now counts the company as a true partner.

Another inspiring story is that of Maria Lúcia Costa, from Maracanaú, also in Ceará, who is well known in her community for helping others, and today, with Avante’s partnership, she works with seams.


Other solutions of Avante microcredit

Other solutions of Avante microcredit

In addition to providing microcredit, Avante has two other solutions.

Forward Payments

Modernize your business by accepting credit card payments through a modern and secure solution: the Avante application. It works on most smartphones, it does not need a machine, it has no rental and it accepts the main cardboard flags.

Digital Account Forward

Digital account – A fully digital, transparent, honest, personal and friendly bank account for you to manage your financial life more easily and quickly, less bureaucracy, security and lower fees directly from your smartphone.

The solution will be available soon, but it is already possible to pre-register. By talking about digital account here in the blog you find articles about the digital account Crefisa, digital account nubank, Social bank digital account and digital account Banco Original.

The Latest Unsecured Low Interest Payday Loan 2019


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  • What is low interest loan without mortgage?
  • Advantages of low-interest loans do not mortgage
  • How to get low interest loans without mortgage?
  • Low-interest loan without mortgage where is prestige and quality?

Low-interest non-mortgage loans are a form of borrowing that provides many benefits for many customers who are in need of loans for investment purposes. With this loan, customers can borrow the necessary amount with low interest rates without collateral.

What is low interest loan without mortgage?

What is low interest loan without mortgage?

Low interest loan without mortgage is a form of loan without bank collateral. You can borrow up to hundreds of millions of dong with the preferential interest rates offered by each bank. Each of these loans will help you solve financial-related problems, especially when you are in need of loans for business investment purposes.


For this low-interest, unsecured loan, it takes only 3 – 7 days to return to your account. This loan service has different interest rates, loan periods or loan values, so the choice of banks to borrow with low interest rates is always interested.


Advantages of low-interest loans do not mortgage

Advantages of low-interest loans do not mortgage

Low-interest non-mortgage loans provide benefits for borrowers such as the term compared to bank mortgages, this form of loan has advantages such as:

– You do not need to mortgage large assets such as houses and cars, you can still apply for a loan.

– Quick disbursement, special time for short file review. In just a few minutes or a few days you can get the money you want to borrow.

– Procedures, records quickly and easily. To be able to borrow, you only need to provide personal documents such as ID card or passport. Some documents are available such as electricity bills or bank account statements.

– There are many loan levels for you to choose from depending on your needs, as well as being able to choose the right time to repay the loan.

How to get low interest loans without mortgage?

How to get low interest loans without mortgage?

You only need to follow 3 steps to receive the money you need to borrow right on the day:

Call banks or large financial companies for low-interest loans without collateral.

Provide full personal information and loan requests.

Be consulted about the amount of loan and the following interest payable.


If your application meets the requirements for a loan, you will receive a quick loan. Whoever you are, what you are doing, you can easily borrow unsecured consumer loans.

Many large banks and financial companies have been running low-interest loans without large mortgages in many different forms and with many attractive incentives. You have worked and earned a salary, you can borrow through payroll.

Low-interest loan without mortgage where is prestige and quality?

Low-interest loan without mortgage where is prestige and quality?

There are many units that offer low interest loans without mortgage with many different advantages. But banks are the first choice that many people choose because banks have many products to choose from and attractive loans, lower interest rates than financial companies.

To get a low-interest loan without collateral at the bank, you must meet the bank’s requirements. After completing the application and full requirements of the bank, you will have to wait 2-3 days to complete the loan application and review the application.

You are still wondering about choosing a bank to borrow low-interest loans without a mortgage, please consult with TheBank Your online financial consultant for more details and a choice of where to borrow the most suitable capital.


Mortgage Loan Interest Rate in 2017, Credit History



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  • Table of mortgage interest rates of MB Bank
  • Benefits and mortgage interests at MB Bank
  • Conditions for mortgage loans at MB Bank
  • Procedures needed to borrow mortgage loans from the military bank

Mortgage loan interest rate of MB Bank has never been so low, only 6% / year applies to borrowers who buy – build – repair houses, borrow business, car loans …

If you are cherishing the intention of trading, buying a house, buying a car …. but not enough capital. You can absolutely go to MB Bank military bank to mortgage with low interest rate of up to 80-100% of the value of customer needs.

Benefits and mortgage interests at MB Bank

Benefits and mortgage interests at MB Bank

  • Interest rates on mortgage loans of military banks lowering interest rates to only 6% / year have attracted many people who want to mortgage loans to banks.
  • Not only does the interest rate drop, the loan term lasts for 15 years but the loan amount is also very flexible up to 80-100% of customer needs.
  • Despite being entitled to many mortgage interest rates, it is not so complicated. Besides, there is always an enthusiastic consultant to help customers if you have difficulties in the loan process.
  • Valuable collateral is a property you or your loved one can afford.
  • Always prioritizing customers who are police and military who wish to borrow or have other demand services at MB Bank.

Conditions for mortgage loans at MB Bank

Conditions for mortgage loans at MB Bank

  • Be a 18 to 60 year old citizen currently residing at the place where MB Bank manages.
  • There are mortgage security assets such as red books, vehicle papers, savings books, payrolls …
  • Customers who are financially able to repay the bank
  • No history of bad credit loans at banks.
  • Customers have legal capacity and civil acts.

Procedures needed to borrow mortgage loans from the military bank

Procedures needed to borrow mortgage loans from the military bank

  • ID card / Passport.
  • Household registration book / KT3 temporary residence paper.
  • Papers related to collateral or documents related to buying a house and buying a car….
  • Application for loan and debt payment plan.

Currently, military banks not only have a long network throughout Vietnam but also many other branches in Laos and Cambodia. With a huge preferential interest rate on mortgage interest rates, MB Bank has attracted many customers and MB Bank is also gradually asserting its standing position in Vietnam’s financial market.


Borrowing Money without Collateral | Payday Loans



You need a sum of money to manage your business but don’t have valuable assets to mortgage. Service at our company meets all your need for fast loan during the day. See for details

Borrowing money without mortgaging low interest rates at service is one of the fast and reputable loan addresses. Thousands of near and far customers have paid attention to and borrowed money to borrow money during the day. Just like the mortgage loan service or consumer trust loan… The product with fast loan at the bank does not need assets to mortgage. The documents for hot loans without paperwork are quickly disbursed. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour of work, you will receive a cash loan immediately. Time to pay by flexible payment methods. Procedures that need money during the day are extremely simple. We removed all unnecessary paperwork, the simplest mortgage procedure as possible.


What are the benefits of fast loan products without collateral?

What are the benefits of fast loan products without collateral?

If before, you need to buy a valuable item. Or a motorbike or want to fix a house, travel with relatives … Then you have to wait a long time to have enough money to complete those things. But today, there are a lot of lending services that pay daily and weekly installments … Like instant hot money loan service, you can remodel your home or travel somewhere easily and fast.

Need to borrow cash during the day is a consumer loan for individuals, without assets to secure. With the aim of serving the needs of daily living expenses while facing financial difficulties.

Customer information is confidential

Not everyone has valuable assets to mortgage. So fast money lending service in our company does not require customers to have assets to ensure. Without the guarantee of relatives, we do not assess the home – where you live. Do not verify the agency – where you are working. We guarantee 100% customer privacy. Being one of the leading reputable financial companies in Vietnam. We only require customers to comply with the loan-repayment contract that we have committed.

Fast loan products for customers


Multi-day installment cash loan service is diverse in terms of loan products. Meet your need for hot loans, fast cash loans, and day loans. Customers can choose one of the following loan products:

  1. Borrow fast cash without proof of income.
  2. Hot loans do not assess relatives.
  3. How to borrow without mortgage with fast money during the day
  4. Need to borrow money at low interest rates.
  5. Fast loans do not need mortgage assets.
  6. Fast loan cash without pledging valuable assets.
  7. Daily installment loan service.
  8. Need to borrow money without mortgage to do business.
  9. Borrowing without mortgage of bank assets …

The above are just some typical loan products in our company. In addition, there are many other loan packages suitable for each borrowing demand and each borrowing customer. Please contact us quickly for specific advice details.

Why should customers choose non-mortgage loan of our company?

Why should customers choose non-mortgage loan of our company?

  • Attractive lending interest rate (ensuring the lowest interest rate in the current lending market).
  • 24-hour online counselor (any time).
  • The branch supports day-to-day loan advice throughout 63 provinces and cities across the country.
  • The flexible loan period lasts from 30 days to 365 days.
  • Customer’s personal information is 100% secure.
  • Customers who are suffering from bad debts can still get fast cash loans.
  • To be paid by day, by week, by month or by standing as requested by customers.
  • Enthusiastic counselors and making non-collateral loan documents on the day for free. Make sure you don’t waste any money during the loan process.

With the motto for the benefit of customers is above all, so our company creates all the most favorable conditions for customers to borrow quickly.


Procedures for fast loans and quick disbursement during the day

Application procedure and cash loan process

Application procedure and cash loan process

* Loan application procedures :

  • ID card, ID card, household registration book (SHK). The documents on the original or copies we all accept. If it is a certified copy, it must be valid within 6 months from the date of notarization !.
  • If you have a living address other than the address on the household registration book, you will need to provide a temporary residence permit.
  • Labor contracts and payrolls certified by the company. For the most recent 3-month statement.
  • Electricity bill, water bill, internet bill.
  • Cavec car, driver’s license (cars, motorcycles …).
  • Business license for enterprises with a household registration in the province.

The above are the necessary documents when customers prepare to borrow money without mortgage during the day. Depending on the loan product, we require different types of papers. Therefore, you need to prepare sufficient documents to provide suitable for each hot loan package, fast loan, urgent loan during the day. Note: We do not keep your original documents!

* Loan process :

* Loan process :

  1. Just need you to provide necessary, complete and transparent information as required by our company counselors. Loan without collateral is reviewed online, we confirm information by phone. And will immediately report the successful loan result within 15 minutes.
  2. Complete the mortgage loan form 2018 below this article. Or register loan information for us by the following link: fastest loan.
  3. Call our customer care counselor directly. If you are afraid to call directly, please leave your phone number in the comment in this article. In less than 3 minutes, our staff will get back to you right away. Do not let you wait long.

In order to get quick loans in the day, customers need to keep in mind:

  • Enroll fully and accurately your personal information.
  • Do not hide information or provide inaccurate personal information.
  • Always hold the phone and listen to the phone when called by a counselor to confirm all information.

Besides, let your installment loan profile be disbursed quickly. Please contact the counselor closely to handle necessary and urgent issues.

Lending money on the day how much loan limit?

Lending money on the day how much loan limit?

As a private company with strong financial resources. Already and will link with the leading banks in Vietnam: Vietcombank, Viettinbank, VPbank, Techcombank, BIDV, Agribank … So we do not limit customers’ loans. If you have a demand for consumer loans or a large amount of money for your business, you can meet the non-mortgage loan of the day for you. Specifically, there are loan limits for customers to choose:

  • The loan is from VND 5 million to VND 10 million.
  • From VND 10 million to VND 50 million.
  • From VND 50 million to VND 100 million.
  • From VND 100 million to VND 500 million.
  • Over 500 million, 1 billion 2 billion …

Depending on the need to borrow cash in the day you choose the right loan. All of the above loan limits, we all deliver directly by cash or transfer to your bank account as required. We reiterate: all of these loans do not require you to pledge any assets!

The form of loan payment does not mortgage assets


There are many different payment methods for customers to choose. They are: pay by day, by week, by month or by standing. You are required to pay one of the above forms! Based on the fixed income each day you pay by day or week so that it is most appropriate.


The most competitive and lowest interest rate loan available today

Those who are eligible for fast cash loans during the day


Anyone will be supported by our advisors to provide you with money on daily installments after 30 minutes. Specifically:

  • All citizens are working and living in Vietnam. From 22 years old to under 60 years old, having a job and stable income of 2 million or more.
  • Salaried freelance workers have labor contracts, receive salary in cash
  • Going to work, the company has a labor contract, a bank transfer payment.
  • Self-employed individuals have business registration certificates.
  • You are self-employed at a fixed location, trade online but do not have a business registration certificate.
  • You have retired and are entitled to a monthly pension.
  • Business traders sell at markets. Enterprises that have been and will be established need capital to continue their business …

In the above cases, if you have a household member in Ho Chi Minh City, it is easy, convenient and quick to borrow.

The area supports loans without collateral

Our company is ready to lend you money during the day without the need for valuable assets to pledge. With the lowest interest rate on the lending market in Hanoi today. Various forms of money lending, you can choose to pay by day, by week by month or by standing. Not only do we support fast hot loans in Hanoi but we also offer online fast loans nationwide.

Danang Area: Support loans than low interest rates all the districts of Danang. Such as: Hai Chau, Thanh Khe, Son Tra and Ngu Hanh Son. Lien Chieu, Cam Le, Hoa Vang, Hoang Sa and neighboring provinces. Brothers and sisters have household registration in these areas. When needing to borrow quickly without mortgage during the day, call us immediately for advice and make a loan application for free. Our company extends lending branches nationwide. So very close to where you live will certainly also have our loan branch. You do not have to spend time traveling, we will come to your place to make a loan file for you.


If we do not help you borrow without collateral during the day. Then surely there is no place to support you fast loans in the day. Especially, my side supports hot loans of the black society with instant money after 15 minutes if you need urgent money with simple and quick procedures.


Coming to the installment loan service of our company, you can feel secure. Your personal and loan information is 100% confidential. Apart from you, no one knows about this loan.

Together with a team of experienced, large and enthusiastic consultants. They know a lot of fast loan products, surely we will find you a suitable loan package with the lowest interest rate.

We work all weekdays from Monday to Sunday. Even Sunday, Saturday and public holidays. So, at any time of the day, customers need to borrow money without mortgage during the day, call us immediately. Make sure you get your cash quickly.